Distance Selling Agreements

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Distance Selling Agreements: Understanding the Basics

If you`re running an online business, it`s essential to understand the basics of distance selling agreements. These agreements refer to the contract between you and the customer when selling goods or services remotely, such as through your website or email. In this article, we`ll outline what distance selling agreements are and what you need to know before entering into them.

What are Distance Selling Agreements?

Distance selling agreements are contracts between you and your customers that outline the terms and conditions of a sale when the transaction is conducted remotely. This can include selling goods or services online, over the phone, or by email. These agreements are required by law, and failing to provide one could result in legal action being taken against your business.

Distance selling agreements must include specific information relating to the goods or services being sold, such as pricing, delivery timescales, and cancellation periods. They must also state the customer`s right to cancel the contract within a specified period and detail any additional charges, such as shipping or handling fees.

Key information to include in a Distance Selling Agreement

When creating your distance selling agreement, you should ensure that it includes the following key information:

1. The identity of your business, including company name, registered address, and contact details.

2. A description of the goods or services being sold.

3. The total cost of the transaction, including any applicable taxes, fees, or charges.

4. Delivery timescales and arrangements.

5. The customer`s right to cancel the contract within the specified period.

6. The process for returning goods if the customer decides to cancel the contract.

7. Information on any warranties or guarantees provided with the goods or services.

8. Your business`s complaints procedure.

Benefits of a Distance Selling Agreement

There are several benefits to having a distance selling agreement in place, including:

1. Ensuring compliance with the law.

2. Providing clear terms and conditions to your customers.

3. Reducing the risk of disputes or legal action being taken against your business.

4. Protecting your business by clearly setting out the limitations of your liability.

5. Building trust with your customers by demonstrating that you take their rights and interests seriously.


In today`s digital age, distance selling agreements are an essential component of running an online business. These agreements provide clear terms and conditions to your customers, protect your business and ensure that you comply with the law. By including all of the key information required by law, you can help to reduce the risk of disputes and build trust with your customers, ultimately helping to grow your online business.